About Us

About Us

Paul & Julie began Bird Ventures in 2003 opening the retail shop in Holt, Norfolk in a newly built shop unit. 

Norfolk has been home since 1997 and Bird Ventures sells items that help our wildlife in peoples gardens, farms and nature reserves. Our bird foods are some of the best available and our nest boxes and feeders are well made and long lasting. We are avid garden bird enthusiasts and have recorded over 86 species, in our own garden, including Tawny & Little Owl, Woodcock, Crossbill, Honey Buzzard, Hawfinch and Waxwing.  

We had a wonderful dog called Louie for eight years, a Romanian cross, that we rescued and were been fortunate enough to share our lives with from 2013 until late 2021. He loved the beach and meeting other dogs and dog owners with treats. Our lives are poorer for his loss though we take comfort in the fact that we gave him a great life and cared for him deeply. 

Louie_on_the_beach    IMG_0225_2